7 Important Things to Know When You Start Running

Every year, many people start running for different reasons whether it’s for staying healthy, as a hobby, or a charity marathon. However, only a few people manage to keep running consistently.

Most quit, while others fail to follow their routine for better results. This is completely understandable especially if you have never ran before. One of the main reasons why many people quit running is because they are most likely doing it wrong.

It is important to start out easy and build up gradually so you avoid injury. Here are 7 important things you need to know before you start running.

1. Stay Patient

Other than running, patience is the key to accomplishing any goal in life. So, you need to understand that as a new runner. It will take some time to adapt to the new running lifestyle, as you will face many challenges.

Therefore give yourself time and don’t give up quickly because that won’t help you at all.

2. Try Walking

If you have never ran before, it’s okay to start with walking. Don’t start out running for longer miles because you are only starting. Start your body off slowly and pick up pace as you continue with this running journey.

3. Maintain Consistency

As mentioned earlier, running comes with many challenges and it’s easy to give up if you don’t remain consistent. So, maintain your running consistency by adhering to your running plan when you start running.

4. Make Sure You Rest

Resting bears much significance as consistency in your training plan. Therefore, set aside some few days in your running plan for resting. When you do this, your muscles get to relax and you gather more energy to get back running stronger.

5. Don’t Over Do It

Another common mistake that most new runners make all the time is running hard all the time. When you are just starting out, you don’t need to run the hardest all the time to be a good runner.

Only incorporate a few days in your training plan for fast running and run normally on the other days.

6. Find Good Gear

For better results when you start running, you need to consider your running gear especially your running shoes. The best running gear can add more benefit to your running experience than you might think.

So, invest in good shoes, overall wear, and any other gear that you might need to start running.

7. Find Running Friends

Running friends don’t necessarily mean that you always have to spend your time together. Instead, these are people you have something in common with, running. So, keep such friends closer because you can motivate and learn more from each other when you start running.

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