What to Know About Life Insurance for Runners

Running has some hidden benefits leave alone the common ones, such as getting in shape. Did you, for example know that you can save money you spend on life insurance by running the same way you do for your mortgage insurance with a mortgage insurance broker? Runners get to have a reduced life insurance cover payment up to about 15%, which is a decent number for people who care about their money. There are many reasons for runners to have a reduced life insurance cover payment and one is obvious; they stand out to be more fit and healthy.

Even though this is the case, I must first say that affordability still depends on the life insurance company you buy your policy from. The same way you hire a mortgage insurance broker to link you with the best mortgage insurance company, you should also find a good life insurance broker to connect you with a reputable life insurance company.

Reasons why life insurance for runners is lower

The following discussion will show you why life insurance for runners is way much affordable than for people who do not exercise at all.

• Runners have healthier hearts.

With a healthy heart, a runner is at a better chance of not getting heart-related diseases. Heart health is related to an individual’s general health and if one is having a heart problem, their life span is likely to be reduced. Running makes heart muscles stronger and the heart can pump and supply enough blood to other organs keeping one healthy.

• Less stress

Running helps the brain release endorphins and other chemicals, which aid in stress reduction. Stress can impact one’s health in many negative ways. Stress can alter normal sugar level, blood pressure, cognitive performance, the immune system’s function and other essential body functions. All these functions tend to be optimal if one is running.

• Better weight control

It is very hard for a consistent runner to have high body weight issues. Running provides a very increased improvement in body mass index compared to other activities such as walking. Since people with normal weight have a reduced risk of getting body complications such as heart conditions, runners have a lower risk of getting such, as their weight is always in check.

• Lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol levels are highly reduced by running and runners have a lower chance of having high cholesterol levels compared to non-running people. High cholesterol levels are an indication of other existing health issues. For runners, this health aspect reduces their life insurance cost greatly.

• Controlled blood pressure

Running helps control blood pressure and this is crucial since the blood pressure level is one factor the insurance company will consider when calculating your premiums. Life insurance companies believe that runners have stable blood pressure, a reason why they reduce their life insurance.

• Lower risks to certain diseases

Runners have a lower risk of getting certain diseases such as diabetes, cancers of the lung, colon and breast. This also reduces their life insurance cost since they are considered, not likely to be affected by these life terminating illnesses.

Bottom line

From this post, it is clear that there are more than enough reasons why runners get affordable life insurance. Clearly, you can see that running is today not just beneficial health-wise; it extends even to your pockets. Don’t just sit and watch as others get fit and save money they spend on life insurance. Join the running team!

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