10 Amazing Health Benefits of Running

Running is just magical. It is one of the easiest and cheapest activities you can engage in when in an open space. There are so many amazing benefits of running ranging from enhanced physical to physiological and mental health. Below are top 10 amazing health benefits of running.

Benefits of running

1. Builds strong bones and muscles- Running is a weight-bearing exercise and muscles usually contract back and forth during this activity. This pressure helps build strong bones and muscles.

2. Helps in weight loss- Running helps boost metabolism, leading to faster burning of fat and, consequently, weight loss.

3. Aids in stress reduction- Running is one of the best ways to reduce stress. When running, the brain releases a hormone known as endorphin into the body, which reduces anxiety levels.

4. Improves cardiovascular health- When running, fatty acids and carbohydrates are used up by the body, promoting good cardiac health and reducing the coronary risk factor. Running exercises heart rate and helps the heart pump blood well throughout the body.

5. Improves immune system- As running builds on body endurance, the body immune system is also improved. An enhanced immune system translates to reduced health disorders or diseases.

6. Reduces risk of cancer- The reduction of cancer risks has been directly linked to physical activities one gets involved in. Running helps prevent certain types of cancer such as lung and colon cancers as oxygen flow is improved in the body and better digestion, respectively.

7. Controls blood sugar levels- As you run, the stored glucose is used as the energy source to keep you going, thus reducing the sugar levels instantly.

8. Promotes healthy skin- Running helps the body produce antioxidants naturally to protect skin cells, thus promoting healthy skin.

9. Fights cold flue- People who exercise regularly by running have a lower risk of having upper respiratory tract infections such as cold flue. The symptoms are also less severe.

10. Increases energy levels- Running helps increase energy levels in healthy people and those with chronic illnesses. It improves energy levels in people with chronic fatigue syndrome and those with progressive illnesses such as cancer and HIV and AIDs.

Running tips for beginners

• Set a goal such as weight loss or keeping fit to keep you focused.

• Start with brisk walking to make your body build up to regular running.

• Warm-up by stretching before running and stretch again after completing the running session.

• Make sure you have plenty of fluid, take water before, during and after running.

• Wear loose cotton cloth and buy appropriate shoes.

The Bottom Line

From this post, it is evident that there are very many physical and psychological health benefits of running. As you can see, weight loss is not the only reason to get you running. With just a good pair of running shoes and basic sports clothes, you can engage in this activity and get to enjoy these benefits. All the best as you plan to start up!

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